Equipment, Machines, and Vehicles

Dragon Crystals: These gems are found throughout Mythose’s mountains and within its rocky depths. They come in many different sizes and shapes and are nearly impossible to break. Dragon Crystals have the unique ability to store ambient magical energy from the environment, allowing those with the will to channel that energy into spells.

  • Arcane Dragon Crystals: These egg sized crystals are rainbow colored. Trained Wizards and other pactitioners gather and fill these crystals with the ambient magic of their choice. As the Wizards grows in experience and power he is able to store more magic and channel greater effects from the crystals. Arcane Dragon Crystals are often affixed to a Wizards staff, wand, or other magical implement.
  • Elemental Dragon Crystals: These crystals come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The color of the gem usually reflects the element it is attuned to (example: Red = Fire). These Dragon Crystals can only be filled with the elemental magic for which they are attuned, they also automatically refill themselves overtime. Anyone who recieves minimal training in the use of Elemental crystals can use them.

Soul Crystals are not actually Dragon Crystals. They are clear, faceted, and fragile. They are used by Divine casters who gather the life force in a given area to fill the crystal with a pink glow, and allowing the channeling of divine energy.

Dragon Blood is a dark fluid mined from deep within Mythose. The fluid is spent magical energy, lying fallow until its eventual return to the worlds magical atmosphere. The fluid has a positive electrical charge and has proved vital to the use and growth of Dwarven machines and vehicles. Dragon Blood has been increasingly used by Alchemists.


Boltblaster: This ranged weapon is commonly used by military forces on both sides of the struggle for Mythose. The Boltblaster resembles a crossbow but with a compact hollow stock, and impossibly rigid bow. Instead of using pullies and windlass it uses small elemental crystals that employ the power of air to rapidly move the bow and send the bolt hurtling towards its target. The Boltblaster fires at a rate faster than any bow, only slowed by the speed of its weilder. A 10 bolt magazine is usual loaded into the hollow stock, bolts being moved into place by the magic of the air crystals. Damage is 1d10×2 with a range equal to that of a longbow.


Land Carts

Juggernauts and Titans


Equipment, Machines, and Vehicles

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