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Mythose is a world of pure magic, it permeates the entire ecosystem. All life and even the stones are touched by it and it is a vital part of Mythose’s health. The world is full of magical creatures, chief among them being dragons. The indigenous races of Mythose include the Elves and the Dwarves, both of whom lived in harmony with each other and their magical ecology around them for millennia. All this changed some five hundred years ago when the Dwarves discovered Dragon’s Blood.

Dragon’s Blood is a dark colored organic liquid that is mined from deep below the surface of Mythose. Dwarf engineers found that Dragon’s Blood had amazing properties, the most important among them was its ability to provide magical energy that could power their machines. New vessels powered by the Dragon’s Blood gave the Dwarves access to places they had previously been denied due to distance and remoteness. They also developed powerful machines that allowed them to dig ever deeper into the ground and extract greater amounts of the fuel. The improved mining capability led to other discoveries, including Dragon Crystals that allowed magical energies to be collected from the surrounding environment and storing it within the crystal. Dragon Crystals were a major discovery, for they empowered any intelligent being to control and use the magical energies of the world. The use of world magic was previously the domain of Elven mystics and Dragons.

The Dwarves voracious appetite for Dragon’s Blood led to conflict with the Elves and Dragons who were concerned with the potential damage being done to Mythose’s ecosystem. A short series of wars, known as the Dragon’s Blood Wars, the first mass violence in the worlds history, resulted in a treaty in which the Dwarves agreed to only take a fifth of what they found in a mine and to re-seed the ground they had damaged.

Hundreds of years of experience taught the Dwarves how to cultivate the gifts of Mythose and they became adept at creating machines and tools that made life more convenient. Their last great discovery took place one hundred years ago when they were able to create Sky Ships using both the Dragon’s Blood and the Dragon Crystals to safely propel them through the air. A particularly clever Dwarven engineer named Brogan Forgehammer, figured out a way to use the Dragon Crystals to place an air bubble around the Sky Ship thereby granting it the ability to safely travel between Mythose and its moons.

Ninety Eight years ago the Sky Ship Dragon’s Wing set sail for the largest of Mythose’s moons. The ship was gone for two years before returning with the incredible news that the moon was inhabited by intelligent beings called humans, and that they called their world Tymore. The Dragon’s Wing brought with its crew the first humans to set foot on Mythose.

The arrival of the Dwarves on Tymore touched off a cultural revolution and a world wide war which resulted in the rise to power of the Imperium and the Church of Eternal Vigilance. Both the Imperium and the Church of Eternal Vigilance viewed the existence of other worlds populated by intelligent beings as a threat to humanity. They agreed to work together to protect mankind and to bring other worlds under their dominance. To this end they invited the Dwarves to increase trade and saught concessions that would allow humans to settle on Mythose. The Dwarves were blinded by their lust for the new foods, clothing, and other exotic goods they received in payment for working with the Imperium. The Imperium patiently, over decades, learned everything they could about Mythose and the Dwarves secret engineering techniques. Overtime they quietly built up a force on Mythose and fifty one years ago their quiet preparations were unleashed in full force.

The invasion began on Tymore when the largest fleet of Sky Ships, were present to attend a special trade summit planned for just this purpose. Imperium troops seized the Sky Ships and the Dwarven crews were forced to train their captors or be put to death. Although most of the crews chose death, enough chose to help the humans.

The full invasion of Mythose itself began a few months later, after months of practice and preparation, the Sky Ships returned home. The Dwarves waited excitedly at the ports, anticipation of seeing long gone family and friends filled the air. Instead of being greeted by their countrymen however, the Dwarves were met with death, as thousands of Imperium shock troops disembarked and sounded the horns, which sent the message to the prepositioned human residence of Mythose to begin their own operations against the Dwarves. It was a blood bath resulting in the near complete subjugation of the Dwarves before the Elves were even aware of the danger.

It took the Imperium a few weeks to complete its enslavement of the Dwarves, by which time the Elves had become aware of events. The Imperium’s invasion of the Elf lands did not go particularly well and the invasion stalled. The Elves, with their Dragon allies were able to push the humans back from their lands however a counter offensive failed. More battles were fought but eventually the invasion settled into a war of attrition. This favored the Imperium as neither the Elves or Dragons have a strong birth rate while the humans seemed infinite in number.

The Imperium built massive cities on Mythose and began a program of colonization was developed to provide incentives for natives of Tymore to relocated to Mythose. The Imperium also built hundreds of Sky Ships and indiscriminately strip mined the land in order to feed its appetite for Dragon’s Blood and Dragon Crystals not to mention other minerals that they found useful. The Imperium was able to bring magic to Tymore through the use of the Crystals and machines run by Dragon’s Blood fueled an era of industrialism on Tymore and Mythose.

Thirty years ago, an Imperium fleet set sail for the second of Mythose’s largest moons. There they encountered several intelligent humanoid races that they later classified as being part of the goblinoid subspecies. The goblinoid world was named Furos, a world of harsh weather and barren land. Though the various goblinoid tribes were warlike and stubborn, they were also primitive and outclassed by the Dragon Crystal wielding troops of the Imperium. The Imperium enslaved many goblinoids and brought them to Mythose to serve as front line troops but they decided that Furos had little of value to warrant the effort of large scale invasion.

The desecration of Mythose’s land via strip mining and the theft of its magical energies through Dragon Crystal has had a profound impact on the worlds ecosystem. Creatures of magic are dying for no apparent reason, Elven mages and mighty dragons are finding that they are limited in how much power they can gather. The land is wracked by earthquakes and new volcanoes have risen up, spewing ash into the darkening violet skies. The Elves are contained in their remote wild lands, while the Dragons face extinction at the hands of the Dragon Slayers. The Imperium grows in power as its industrial development threatens to choke out life on two worlds.

The people and indeed the very land of Mythose are facing complete ruin at the hands of an implacable invader with an insatiable hunger to devour all of Mythose’s resources. This is a time for heroes to rise up, heroes who are undaunted by the hopeless odds against them. Every small victory is a show of defiance and provides a glimmer of hope. The war is being fought in dark alleyways and in the corridors of Imperium facilities. No longer are mass battles being fought, instead quiet assassinations, sabotage of enemy machines and equipment, kidnappings, and theft of vital secrets are the tools employed by those who would resist the might of the Imperium.

Join Talon, become a hero of Mythose and earn your credentials as a terrorist to the Imperium.

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